The interiors are understated, consisting of painted plaster walls and bleached, wide timber floor-boards. The veneers used for the room-doors and the exposed joinery are also of a bleached variety giving the overall interior design the feel of driftwood and sand. The use of azure glass tiles and pale woods in the bathrooms further underscores the beach and bush feeling of its location.

Originally titled “Dynasty Melbourne”, the development was more fittingly renamed “The Istana” (Istana being Malay for Palace). High levels of detail were required with emphasis on execution and finish using cues from oriental and art-deco architecture resulting in a sense of opulence and luxury. Feng Shui principles and Chinese good luck symbols were incorporated. The interiors marry seamlessly with the contemporary exterior with the use of art deco pull handles on door fittings and dynamic marble for the “red carpet” entry.

Lindos Cafe Bar & Restaurant is located in the eastern suburbs within the Banksia business precinct on Maroondah Highway opposite the Ringwood Lake Park. As part of the interior design, the restaurant was designed as a cozy set up with a large bar and a seating capacity for 250 people. Designed with more than 300 parking spaces, wheelchair accessibility and disabled accessible toilet, the restaurant caters to all sections of the community.

The open plan layout of this holiday house’s living area offers an uninterrupted view of the bay, further enhanced by the fully retractable, computer-operated HEWI frameless window assembly. The floor throughout most of the house consist of broad smoked planks, which continue onto the veranda integrating indoor- and outdoor areas seamlessly.